Branch offers many useful features to improve your app’s deep linking experience.

Journeys App Banners

Use Journeys App Banners to convert mobile web visitors into app installs.

  • Build custom smart app banners (free feature!)
  • Create powerful interstitials using our WYSIWYG editor.
  • Define your audience using powerful real-time targeting rules.
  • Run A/B tests with different design variations.
  • Easy initial setup, and no further website changes required!

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linkA selection of other popular features

  • Use deep linking to set up Content Sharing and Custom Onboarding, two very powerful personalization features.
  • Enable Deepviews to give a preview of the in-app content behind a given Branch link when users haven’t installed the app yet.
  • The Text Me The App feature is an easy way to encourage your desktop website visitors to download your native app.