Link Domain / Subdomain


  1. The default subdomain
  2. Changing your subdomain
  3. Setting a custom link domain
  4. About the legacy domain

linkThe default subdomain

Every app on the Branch platform is assigned a subdomain of the form This is unique to your app and must be used in several places when integrating the SDK.

Because of the way that Apple implements Universal Links, every app also has a shadow subdomain of the form This is used in select places but will not be shown to your users.

linkRetriving the subdomain assigned to your app

  1. Go to the Link Settings page on the dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to the Link Domain area.
  3. Copy the value listed there.

retrieving the default link subdomain

Caution: Test environment domain

The assigned subdomain for your test environment is of the form xxxx.test-app-link and must be configured separately. Branch automatically handles HTTPS traffic for custom subdomains and root domains. Branch will acquire the necessary SSL certificate if you follow the simple setup instructions below. Branch will also automatically renew the certificates when needed.

linkChanging your subdomain

You can brand your links with a custom subdomain like

Caution: One change only

You can only change your subdomain once. Keep in mind that if you change this and you have implemented strong matching or universal links, you must update your implementation. The links on your old subdomain will no longer work.

  1. Go to Link Settings in the dashboard.
  2. Scroll to the Link Domain setting at the bottom.
  3. Click Change my subdomain.
  4. Choose a subdomain that matches your brand. You cannot choose one that is in use by someone else, and it cannot have special characters. Custom subdomain configuration
  5. Press Get.

linkSetting a custom link domain

If you want to use a custom domain or subdomain for your Branch links instead of the domain, setting one up is simple.

Caution: Avoid switching later

We recommend that you choose one domain or subdomain to use with Branch and stick with it, as switching can cause significant problems with your existing links.

Updates to Universal & App Links configuration

If you enable (or change) your link domain/subdomain, you will need to make updates to your Universal Links (iOS) and App Links (Android) configuration. Review the configuration guide for these features.

linkCustom SUBDOMAIN (

Caution: Do not use www

Some browsers have special rules for processing URLs beginning with www. We strongly recommend you do not include a www prefix in your custom subdomain.

  1. Create a CNAME for your subdomain and point it to
  2. Go to Link Settings on the Branch dashboard, and find the Link Domain section.
  3. Click Use my own domain.
  4. You should see a message telling you the status of your domain under the domain field. If you don’t, please type your domain in again. successful custom subdomain configuration
  5. Click Confirm.

linkCustom ROOT domain (

Caution: Use this domain for Branch links only

Once you enable this root domain for Branch links, you will not be able to use it for hosting anything else. We recommend using a subdomain, or purchasing a new root domain for this purpose. You cannot use your main website domain for hosting Branch links.

  1. Go to Link Settings on the Branch dashboard, and find the Link Domain section.
  2. Click Use my own domain. successful custom domain configuration
  3. Enter your custom domain into the text box. Resolve any errors. domain already reserved
  4. Work with your domain registrar to make the Branch-provided nameservers listed under the domain field authoritative for your domain. Note that this means you cannot host anything else on this domain — only Branch links. root domain nameservers
  5. Click Confirm.
Heads Up!
  1. The nameservers in the above image are for example purposes only. The nameservers you use will be unique to your application.
  2. If you are configuring the domain through AWS’s Route 53, make sure you are editing the nameservers under the "Registered Domains" tab, and not the "Hosted zones" section.

linkAbout the legacy domain

The domain is no longer available for new apps. If you have existing links with this domain as the base, they will continue to function.