Supported Standards


A Branch Link is the only link you need- we handle all the changing standards for you so that your app is always accessible on any platform.

linkLink display formatting standards

Branch allows you to customize the app default and the settings for each individual link.

  • Facebook open graph tags (
    • this covers nearly everything (Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc..)
  • Twitter cards
  • Pinterest pins

linkDeep linking standards

Branch handles all standards adoption automatically for you, so you don’t need to do any work.

  • Facebook App Links
  • Facebook Deferred Deeplinking
  • Facebook App Invites
  • Apple Spotlight
  • Apple Universal Links
  • Twitter App Cards (optional)
  • Pinterest App Cards (optional)

linkApp search portals

Branch makes every link scrapable and indexable by the following search engines:

  • Google App Indexing
  • Bing App Search
  • Apple Spotlight Cloud Search

linkBrowser and platforms

Here is a list of browsers and platforms where we have slaved for many hours to ensure the links still work:

  • Email
    • Gmail, Yahoo, etc
  • Social networks
    • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc
  • Messaging
    • SMS, MMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc
  • iOS browsers
    • Safari, Chrome, etc
  • Android browsers
    • Stock, Chrome, Firefox, UC, etc
  • Windows mobile OS browsers
  • Amazon Kindle, Fire browsers
  • Blackberry browsers
  • Desktop Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox