User Value Attribution


Prerequisite: Complete the SDK Integration Guide first

In-app engagement and user value metrics are just as important as the click, install, and re-open metrics that Branch automatically provides. You can define your own post-install events for Branch to track, and view them in the dashboard.

linkCustom event tracking

In addition the default Branch events, you can track any custom user action you wish. Recording a custom event in your app is accomplished via a simple call to the SDK as shown in the examples below.

[[Branch getInstance] userCompletedAction:"Share Started"];
Caution: Names reserved for Branch events

click, view, served, install, open, install_bypass, open_bypass, install_assist, and open_assist are reserved for Branch events, and these are filtered out of custom events in the dashboard. Please choose distinct names for your custom events.

linkCommerce event tracking

To track purchases with Branch, add a sendCommerceEvent:metadata:withCompletion: call to be executed immediately after a purchase is complete:

BNCCommerceEvent *commerceEvent = [BNCCommerceEvent new];
commerceEvent.revenue = [NSDecimalNumber decimalNumberWithString:@"20.00"];
[[Branch getInstance] sendCommerceEvent:commerceEvent
                         withCompletion:^ (NSDictionary *response, NSError *error) {
    if (error) { /* handle error here */ }

Tracking commerce events gives you powerful insights on the Branch dashboard, as well as more options with Journeys. See the Revenue Analytics page for more.

linkMeasuring custom events and commerce events

You can see data for one custom event at a time in the dashboard by using the dropdown picker above Marketing and Source Analytics data.

Branch dashboard

Custom events columns on these pages show total events count and events %, where the percentage is total events over total Branch-referred app sessions (installs + re-opens). You can see these metrics for individual links, campaigns, channels, tags, stages, and features.

Branch dashboard

There’s no hard limit to tracking custom events data, but Branch will only allow you to see your first 100 custom events in the Branch dashboard. Most apps track 5-10 of the most important custom events they care about.

What attribution logic does Branch use for reporting on custom events in the dashboard?
  • 90-day attribution window: Branch will include counts of events that happen within 90 days of a user’s most recent Branch-referred session.

  • Last-session attribution: We’ll attribute a custom event to the link click and resulting Branch-referred session that occurs most recently prior to a custom event.

  • Events are reported on the date the attributed Branch-referred session occurred, not the date the the actual event occurred: In the following sequence of events, Branch will report on the event on Feb 1, although the event itself happened on Feb 3:

    1. Feb 1: User clicks on a Branch link and installs app
    2. Feb 3: User returns to app (not via Branch link) and completes an in-app custom event

For more information on how Branch attributes custom events, see this FAQ.

You can also see custom events as they occur on the Live View > Events page.

Live View Events