Send data to Adjust to maximize your understanding of your mobile acquisition efforts, while deep linking your users through Branch.

The Adjust integration is a premium feature

Adjust is a Data Integrations partner. Cost per event and free trial information are available on our pricing page.

Get Started:  
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What events does Branch send to Adjust?

The integration automatically sends Branch link clicks to Adjust, specifically we send:

  • All Android clicks
  • iOS Universal Link clicks

This means that for iOS install campaigns (which doesn’t use Universal Links), you must use Adjust as your fallback URL.

What data can I expect to see in Adjust?

Once you enable an integration with Adjust, we’ll automatically send all eligible clicks to Adjust’s servers. From there, you’ll see how many users came from Branch, along with installs, opens and downstream events attributed back to the Branch link. This will give you automatic segmentation and cohorting for users acquired via Branch links.

We’ll pass along all of the Branch link’s analytics data, which will map to labels inside Adjust. Check the “Advanced” section to see all of the labels.