With a push of a button you can send your Branch data to your Tune dashboard, helping you segment users, calculate LTV and understand the power of Branch links in acquiring users.

The Tune integration is a premium feature

Tune is a Data Integrations partner. Cost per event and free trial information are available on our pricing page.

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What events does Branch send to Tune?

Branch will send all Branch link clicks to Tune. Branch also sends all the data that is attached to the link. Tune then matches all downstream actions (installs, opens, custom events, payouts) back to the referring link. This will allow you to analyze which campaigns, channels, etc. are helping you acquire and engage users. You can see the list of fields that we send to Tune here.

What does it look like?

See your Branch organic acquisition campaigns alongside your Tune data. You can also use Branch links with Tune measurement URL parameters to get the advantages of Branch deep linking with Tune’s fine-grained attribution data and ROI analysis.